Supply Stash: Magazine Clippings

Recently I became envious of a much-used supply that didn’t end up costing me a dime.  What was it?

Magazine clippings.

First Impressions: The Moo Notebook

I’m currently searching for the ‘perfect’ journal. Not an art journal specifically, as I have several (and one in particular I’ll discuss here in another post) that I love. However, even my written journals must have the ability to let me get creative. Preferably I’d love something that takes both fountain pen ink and water…

Finding Your Own Artistic Style

…and something new to helpThere are a lot of articles out there on how to find your own style artistically. There are even some pretty great courses and classes on the subject. I’ve read many of the articles and taken one really wonderful course. Everything I’ve read/taken however focuses on the physical aspect of creating…

Deals & Steals: Columbus Day Craft Sales

Was your email inbox full of craft savings for the Columbus Day holiday here in the US?  Mine was, so just in case your’s wasn’t, here are the Columbus Day specials at the local crafts stores! Michael’s Columbus Day Specials and Coupons Joann Columbus Day Specials and Coupons (Including Moonlight…

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Craft Store Coupons 10/7/2015 -10/10/2015

This weeks coupons: (all good through Oct. 10th, 2015 unless otherwise noted) Michael’s: 50% off one regular priced item 60% plus 20% off Hampton & Oxford Street Frame Collections Note, also running great two day deals- my Michael’s has the decorative boxes (including suitcases like the one I used here)…

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My Mixed Media Suitcase (Part 2)

In a previous post I shared my decision to turn a heavy cardboard suitcase into a portable mixed media storage solution.  I shared how I attached my watercolors, mini ink pads and scissors to the lid in order to utilize the empty space.  It worked great, but I still had…

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This Week’s Craft Store Coupons

Each week I’ll be bringing you the deals I become aware of either through e-mail lists or the crafter’s grapevine. Today I want to share the local craft store coupons I’ve received word about today.

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Launch Day Craft Crush: Julie Nutting Doll Stamps

It’s finally time to launch the Artful Geek Girl Blog! I’m so excited to let my creative alter ego have free reign here on this blog and in my Etsy Shop. I thought a great way to celebrate launch day was with my very first Craft Crush post.

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Un-Mounted Rubber Stamp Storage Solution

What’s a girl to do when her collection of un-mounted rubber stamps begins growing at an alarming rate? She gets creative on the school supply aisle, that’s what.

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Mixed Media Suitcase (Part I)

I’m a sucker for a Michael’s coupon.  No really. For example, I’d actually gone over a week without a visit when ‘ding’, I get a text with a Tonight Only! 30% off coupon.  Since I know there is always a weekly 40% off coupon, how could I resist the chance…

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Craft storage for teeny tiny spaces

As I mentioned earlier, I have a bit of a crafting problem, which of course means that I also have a craft supply addiction.  I’m always picking up something new for my current project or even for those projects I’ve filed away in my brain for someday. Storage wasn’t a…

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On the hunt for supplies for a song? Don’t forget Craigslist.

If you’re like me, and I bet lots of you are, you don’t head to Michael’s, Joann Fabrics or A.C. Moore without a coupon at the ready.  But those wonderful 40% off darlings aren’t the only game in town when it comes to saving money on supplies. Have you checked…

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Hi, I’m A Geek Girl and I Have a Crafting Problem

It seems only fitting that my first post should give any readers that might wander by a bit of information about me.  You know, that whole “getting to know you” thing.  And now I have music from “The King and I” floating around in my head. Yes, I’m old enough…

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