Art Along: Art Journal Page ‘Home’

Follow along as I create a page in my art journal.  This page is entitled ‘Home’ and comes from my return to Maine and discovering it truly is and has always been my home.

DIY June Insert for Jane Davenport Butterfly Book

As I was sharing on my Patreon page, June seemed to sneak up on me. I recorded this video showing how I put together my DIY June insert for my Jane Davenport Butterfly Book a week ago, edited it last Monday and set it aside thinking I’d post it on June 1st.   Oops!  At … Read more

Creating a DIY May Insert for the Jane Davenport Butterfly Book

I’m smitten with the Jane Davenport Mixed Media line. Ever since Michael’s released it in January, I haven’t been able to resist them.  At this point I have her Mermaid Markers, both watercolor sets, water brushes, two of her wonderful face stamp sets, 1 roll of her washi tape, her journaling tapes (blank and color … Read more

DIY Magical Slime Kit

The perfect slime lover’s gift for all ages.In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, slime is a big thing right now.  Although its popularity isn’t found strictly with kids, my 10 year old step-granddaughter swoons whenever she sees it.  For her 10th birthday, I decided that putting together a kit would most likely give … Read more

Craft storage for teeny tiny spaces

By The Artful Geek Girl

As I mentioned earlier, I have a bit of a crafting problem, which of course means that I also have a craft supply addiction.  I’m always picking up something new for my current project or even for those projects I’ve filed away in my brain for someday. Storage wasn’t a huge issue when I was … Read more

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On the hunt for supplies for a song? Don’t forget Craigslist.

By The Artful Geek Girl

If you’re like me, and I bet lots of you are, you don’t head to Michael’s, Joann Fabrics or A.C. Moore without a coupon at the ready.  But those wonderful 40% off darlings aren’t the only game in town when it comes to saving money on supplies. Have you checked Craigslist lately? Yup, you read … Read more

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Hi, I’m A Geek Girl and I Have a Crafting Problem

By The Artful Geek Girl

It seems only fitting that my first post should give any readers that might wander by a bit of information about me.  You know, that whole “getting to know you” thing.  And now I have music from “The King and I” floating around in my head. Yes, I’m old enough to know that particular song … Read more

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