Supply Stash: Magazine Clippings

Recently I became envious of a much-used supply that didn’t end up costing me a dime.  What was it?

Magazine clippings.

First Impressions: The Moo Notebook

I’m currently searching for the ‘perfect’ journal. Not an art journal specifically, as I have several (and one in particular I’ll discuss here in another post) that I love. However, even my written journals must have the ability to let me get creative. Preferably I’d love something that takes both fountain pen ink and water…

Finding Your Own Artistic Style

…and something new to helpThere are a lot of articles out there on how to find your own style artistically. There are even some pretty great courses and classes on the subject. I’ve read many of the articles and taken one really wonderful course. Everything I’ve read/taken however focuses on the physical aspect of creating…

Craft Crush: Ever After 2016

My most recent Craft Crush is a little bit different…and empowering.

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Craft Supply Review: Tim Holtz Distress Collage Crazing Medium

Note: The following review is my own personal opinion of a craft supply I purchased myself.  I was not asked to review this product, nor is it a showcased product. I’ve always like the look of crackle mediums, whether they were found on refinished furniture pieces or even nail polish,…

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Craft Store Coupons: National Sea Monkey Day Edition

Did you have Sea Monkeys when you were a kid?  I did!  I remember getting them for Christmas and my aunt and I anxiously awaiting their hatching while looking through little magnifying bubbles in the plastic aquarium. Funny how watching those little brine shrimp hatch and swim around brought us…

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Craft Store Coupons: Lost Sock Memorial Day Edition

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day! Yes, it really is a holiday commemorating the missing half of all of those one-sided pairs of socks you have hiding in your sock drawer.  What better way to celebrate than to find some way to craft the remaining sock into something new!  Maybe this…

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Step by Step: Creating Removable, Reusable Stickers with Stamps

How to create your own stickers using your favorite stamps for decorating your craft space, planners and more…

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Craft Store Coupons: Teacher Appreciation Week Edition

If you’re making gifts for Mother’s Day or to show appreciation to Teacher’s you’ll want to check out this week’s craft store coupons.

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Craft Store Coupons: Crayola Day Edition

It’s National Crayola Day!  It just seemed fitting that as a creative blog, publishing a post for craft store coupons that I pay homage to the company that probably started many love affairs with color and creating.  Pull out those Crayolas, grab one of the awesome new adult coloring books…

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Using Watercolors with Julie Nutting Paper Doll Stamps

The watercolor look is hot, hot, hot right now. Combine watercolors with Julie Nutting stamps for gorgeous on overload!

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Craft Store Coupons: Tax Day Edition

Let this week’s craft store coupons take the sting out of tax day.

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Craft Crush: Dylusions Paints

How one pot of paint introduced me to my new favorite art journaling paint.

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