First Impressions: The Moo Notebook

I’m currently searching for the ‘perfect’ journal. Not an art journal specifically, as I have several (and one in particular I’ll discuss here in another post) that I love. However, even my written journals must have the ability to let me get creative. Preferably I’d love something that takes both fountain pen ink and water…

Finding Your Own Artistic Style

…and something new to helpThere are a lot of articles out there on how to find your own style artistically. There are even some pretty great courses and classes on the subject. I’ve read many of the articles and taken one really wonderful course. Everything I’ve read/taken however focuses on the physical aspect of creating…

#TAKE5ART Journal Challenge

I was recently inspired by Leanne of CreativelyFree2Bme to try the #TAKE5ART Journal Challenge.  The challenge is to include 5 items determined by the challenge creator in an art journal page.  The five items for this challenge were: Wet into Wet watercolor wash Black pen or marker Acrylic paint Music paper and Lines If you’ve…

Craft Store Coupons: Is It Spring Yet? Edition

No matter what the weather is where you are, the craft stores are serving up some great coupons this week.

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10+ Ways to Celebrate National Craft Month

It’s National Craft Month- here are some ways to celebrate!

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Craft Store Coupons: Leap Day Edition

Happy Leap Day! Celebrate with this week’s craft store coupons.

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Craft Store Coupons: Cough Drop Edition

I’m typing this in between body shaking coughs and hoping my supply of cough drops lasts me another few hours.  Here’s this week’s craft store coupons before my ability to type a coherent sentence is gone. Weekly Coupons (thru Feb. 27th unless otherwise noted) Michael’s: 20% off entire purchase including…

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dream craft studio

How I Created My Dream Craft Studio in Limited Space for under $350

How I overcame limited space to create a roomy studio space for under $350.

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Craft Store Coupons: Winter Cold & Flu Edition

Winter’s cold and flu season is to blame for the delay in this week’s coupon posting. Here it is, typed through coughing fits and sniffles.

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60+ Ideas for Organizing Your Craft Space

More than sixty ideas for organizing your craft stash!

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Craft Store Coupons: Goodbye Football Season Edition

Football season is over, let crafting Sundays begin!  Or if you aren’t a big football fan like I am let it continue.  And to help on that front, here are the local craft store coupons for this week. Weekly Coupons (thru Feb. 13th unless otherwise noted) Michael’s: 40% off any…

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Create a File Folder Journal or Album

Turn Manila File Folders into an Awesome Mini Journal/Album

You don’t need expensive journals or albums, you can make one from simple manila file folders. Here’s how.

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Weekly Craft Store Coupons: The Late Edition

Ever had one of those days when you wake up and realize its Tuesday and you failed to post the Weekly Coupons post yesterday?  No?  I guess it’s just me.  It may have had something to do with the arrival of my new iPad via that wonderful brown truck.  Did…

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